Summer 2021 Fanimal Interns

Ariella Hyman-Fessler

Ariella Hyman-Fessler is a rising junior at New York University majoring in Drama and Environmental Studies with concentrations in animal ethics and agricultural policy. They enjoy spending time with their friends, making art, and sprawling out in a park with a good book in their free time. Ariella has had a passion for nature and animals from a young age and is especially interested in developing equitable and ethical global food systems. During this internship, they hope to incorporate their love for art and collaboration with their passion for animals and the planet to develop strategies for promulgating a message of love and respect for all of earth’s creatures.

Colton Bentley

Colton Bentley is a senior at Appalachian State University studying Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management. This internship will be his last satisfaction to his degree and will assist in helping launch him into the professional field. Colton lived internationally for 16 years and developed a passion for photography and tourism. He documented the life of animals and published a photobook of stray cats in a Central Asian Megacity. His interests and experience include photography, graphic design, and social media management. During the internship at Fanimal, he hopes to gain experience working to amplify the voice of organizations to increase awareness for Fanimal’s programs.

Dayna Rothenbucher

Dayna Rothenbucher is a senior at Northern Illinois University. She majors in environmental studies with an emphasis on biodiversity as well as a minor in anthropology. Apart from schooling, she spends her time tending to her houseplants, painting, and enjoying the outdoors. Dayna came to work with Fanimal because she has had an interest in animals since she was a child. She has had experience with exotic and domestic animals in both her places of employment and education. She hopes to one day find a career in which she can express her passion for wildlife in addition to its conservation with hands-on field work.

Emila Kanani

Emila Kanani is a senior at University Of Michigan Dearborn majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Earth Science. She grew up in Albania and moved to the United States with her family six years ago. Her interests include animals, dancing, playing volleyball, hiking and creating videos. She fell in love with animals at the age of five, the first time when she saw a kitty and then from that day she has rescued several pets and now is owner of three cats, two parakeets and a fish. In her future goals, she hopes to open an animal shelter in her country and educate the public about their importance by raising awareness and advocating for their rights. Emila opened her first blogging website this year and started writing about sustainable ways to live. She is super excited to start this internship with Fanimal and connect with fellow animal lovers. She hopes to gain more experience in research especially in issues such as global climate change and its impact on animals and their ecosystem.

Kate Harrison

Kate attends South Mecklenburg High School and is interested in Environmental Conservation and chemistry. She has two cats and a dog that launched her interests in advocating for the end of animal testing. Outside of school, she loves to swim and read. Kate was a Fanimal intern during Summer 2021 and is working on the High School Program.

Mimi Medeiros

Mimi Medeiros is a sophomore STEM Scholar at the University of Connecticut, majoring in Animal Science on a pre-vet track. She decided to pursue veterinary medicine at an early age. Her love for animals stems from caring for strays with her father. She aims to work in zoological medicine and wildlife conservation. Her interests include wildlife and environmental conservation, wildlife trafficking, world hunger, and heart health. She is excited to intern with Fanimal to connect with an audience that wants to learn and advocate for animals.

Rebecca Frazier

Rebecca is a junior at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, studying Communication Studies and Religion. Growing up in rural Texas, Rebecca had the opportunity to interact with many animals from a young age. This experience, as well as reading about animal welfare issues during childhood, led to Rebecca’s desire to pursue a life that centers around promoting the protection of animals. As such, she looks forward to interning with Fanimal and expanding and diversifying her animal advocacy skills. At Southwestern, Rebecca is involved in the university’s Honor Code Council and serves as the Vice President for Cat Partners, a student organization that cares for a colony of feral cats on campus. Her interests include outdoor activities, reading, classical music, crocheting, working with children, and, of course, spending time with her dogs, cats, and cockatiel.