Fanimal offers five different postcard designs to send a custom message to a friend, partner, family member, and more.  Fill out the form below to order yours.

Purchase your postcard using the form below, add a custom message, and we will inscribe the message and mail the postcard to its destination.

View the five different postcard designs and example custom drawings at the bottom of this page.

We will notify you via email once your postcard has been printed and shipped.  For questions, please email hello[at]

Postcard Costs

  • Basic postcard with a custom message, mailed to recipient in the U.S. – $3
  • Postcard with a custom drawing from our artist, mailed to recipient in the U.S. – $10
  • Mailing outside of the U.S. is an additional $2 charge for any postcard.

Custom Postcard Order Form

Postcard Designs

Snail Design

Octopus Design

Eastern Box Turtle Design

Elephant Design

Toucan Design

Custom Drawing Examples

Example #1

Example #2