Custom Coloring Pages

Fanimal offers custom coloring pages featuring your face in a variety of ecosystems.  Fill out the forms below to order yours.  Available as single pages or packs of six coloring pages.

Fill out the below form to order your custom coloring pages! Available as one (1) packet of six custom coloring pages for $22 or single custom coloring pages for $5/page.

View coloring page designs below.

The 6-page packet includes all six ecosystem designs, customized with a photo/drawing of your face.

Single page(s) orders are available, but if you would like to order 4 or more pages, we recommend ordering the full packet.

You must upload a full-facing or 3/4-facing photo of the person’s face you want to appear on the coloring page.

Upon customization of your coloring page, we will email you the digital file to download.

For questions, please email hello[at]

Coloring Page Order Form

Coloring Page Designs

Woodland Design

Polar Design

Jungle Design

Safari Design

Aquatic Design

Desert Design