Fanimal Fellows (High School)

Fanimal has created two Fellowship Programs that will allow animal lovers like you to explore animal-focused careers. During the course of this high school program you will learn about animal-related career paths and generate animal-focused content. As a result, your contribution makes a difference to animals and fellow animal lovers like you!

Did You Know?

This 40-hour high school program takes place during the summer; 20 hours are synchronous and delivered over Zoom while the other 20 are independent, self-paced asynchronous. 


Once accepted into the program, you will have access to several hours of career coaching and will  contribute to Fanimal’s mission in a variety of ways, while learning about animal careers.  Some possible activities you could work on include:

  • Writing articles on animal-related topics
  • Produce videos
  • Create art projects
  • Help with special events and other outreach programs
  • Develop materials for speaking engagements; give presentations
  • Assist in fundraising efforts
  • Take on management of programs unique to your interests
  • Assist with partnership development 
  • Marketing content via social media outlets

Additionally, the high school program emphasizes practicing professional communication and networking skills.

We are eager to connect with you! Email us here, so we can get to know you. 

Within the Fellowship program, you could learn about nonprofit management, networking, WordPress, marketing, social media, research, education and outreach, event planning and management, content development, and visual design.

Upon completion of the fellowship, high school fellows will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Fellows’ Experiences

Program Testimonial: Hannah Phillips

Program Testimonial: Sofia Kastrinou