Support Our Efforts - Deepen Our Impact

You’re a Fanimal. I’m a Fanimal. We are all fans of animals. Thank you for considering supporting Fanimal programs by making a donation. Every dollar goes toward the fulfillment of the Fanimal mission – To inform and mobilize animal lovers so that animal suffering can be reduced.

One of the best ways to support Fanimal values is by donating toward the mission and vision at a level that you feel comfortable. Below are giving levels and programs that they can directly support.

There are giving levels to reflect every budget and interest.

$25 provides one week of Creature Feature

$50 can support our awesome social media posts for one week or pay for the development of one animal career coloring page

$100 can underwrite one Animal Aces video, an informative Animal Infographic, or provide assistance with writing a grant application

$250 helps us to create original themed content for 2 months and leverages our reach by assisting in conference travel

$500 supports one Learn, Earn, and Return fellow for the entire 12-week program

We are eager to connect with you! Email us here with questions about our programs or ideas on how we can work together.