Animal Chat Time

Learning about animals from home.

Animal Chat Time is a weekly 30-minute kids educational program held online over Zoom.  Each week, our host, Nora Livingstone, highlights a different animal, from narwhals and sea turtles to snails and bats and all the creatures in between.

Season One on Demand

Season One Featured Animals:

Narwhals, Bats,  Frogs, Migratory Birds

Binturongs, Kangaroos,  Sea Turtles, Snails

Season Two on Demand

Season Two Featured Animals:

Chickens, Eels, Fireflies, Giraffes,

Octopuses, Owls, Sloths, Colossal Squid

Season Three on Demand

Season Three Featured Animals:

Hammerhead Sharks, Platypuses, Kingfishers, Marmots

Coral, Moths, Salmon, Gibbons

Sign Up for Season 4

 Fanimal is excited to announce season 4 of Animal Chat Time! Season 4 will run for 8 weeks beginning on April 1st, 2022 every Friday at 11am PST (2pm EST, 8pm CET/CAT) and 2pm PST (5pm EST, 11pm CET/CAT)

Please use the form linked below to register for Season 4. 

You can also vote on which animals will be featured on Season 4 (to be determined) here:

Download these animal pages that coincide with Seasons 1 and 2 to color along while you watch previous shows! Click here to download Season 3 Coloring Pages!