Animal Chat Time

Learning about animals from home.

Animal Chat Time is a weekly 30-minute kids educational program held online over Zoom.  Each week, our host, Nora Livingstone, highlights a different animal, from narwhals and sea turtles to snails and bats and all the creatures in between.

Watch Season 1

Episode 1: Narwhals

Episode 3: Frogs

Episode 5: Binturongs

Episode 7: Sea Turtles

Episode 2: Bats

Episode 4: Migratory Birds

Episode 6: Kangaroos

Episode 8: Snails

Watch Season 2

Episode 1: Chickens

Episode 4: Giraffes

Episode 7: Sloths

Episode 3: Fireflies


Episode 2: Eels

Episode 5: Octopuses

Episode 8: Colossal Squid

Episode 6: Owls

Coming Soon!