Animal Chat Time

Learning about animals from home.

Animal Chat Time is a weekly 30-minute kids educational program held online over Zoom.  Each week, our host, Nora Livingstone, highlights a different animal, from narwhals and sea turtles to snails and bats and all the creatures in between.

Download these animal pages to color along while you watch previous shows!

Watch Season 1

Episode 1: Narwhals

Episode 3: Frogs

Episode 5: Binturongs

Episode 7: Sea Turtles

Episode 2: Bats

Episode 4: Migratory Birds

Episode 6: Kangaroos

Episode 8: Snails

Watch Season 2

Episode 1: Chickens

Episode 4: Giraffes

Episode 7: Sloths

Episode 3: Fireflies


Episode 2: Eels

Episode 5: Octopuses

Episode 8: Colossal Squid

Episode 6: Owls

Coming Soon!