June 2018 Event

In June, we are focusing on some of the smallest members of the animal world – insects!   These invertebrates are hard-working, athletic, resilient, and downright fascinating! We are celebrating Pollinator Week (June 18-24) by learning more about them, as well as other little critters that dwell in the world.  We invite Fanimal members to grab some popcorn and their friends or family to watch and “bee” amazed by these creatures. Then head on over to our Challenge section to see what you can do right now for pollinators.

Microcosmos can be found at https://archive.org/details/Microcosmos-la-gente-de-la-hierba or can be purchased at Amazon and is available for Prime Shipping.  Bee movie and Disneynature: Wings of Life are available on Netflix for streaming.