Fanimal Interns

Abbey Rahier

Abbey Rahier is a senior at Boise State University studying Environmental Studies and Sustainability. She spends most of her time hiking, reading, and fostering kittens at the local humane society. Her passion for the environment started at a young age when she started a recycling club at her elementary school. She hopes to be able to share her love for animals and the environment through Fanimal! 

Alexa Haris

Alexa Haris is a current environmental policy student at Rutgers University with a background in graphic design. Her passion for the natural world stems from growing up tending to a garden and raising different animals. She hopes to inspire others to take environmental action alongside her. She strongly believes that without equality there can be no sustainability. Besides contributing at Fanimal, she is passionate about the Low-Impact movement and photography. Her future plans include starting an animal sanctuary and implementing climate action plans in communities across the country.

Cara Vasso

Cara Vasso is a rising senior at Ursinus College, where she is majoring in Environmental Studies.  Cara is passionate about sustainability, and is involved in working with sustainable food systems through research at her campus food forest. Her interest in environmental protection stems from a love for animals, and a desire to conserve their ecosystems. Cara is excited to expand her own and other’s knowledge about the interconnectedness of the environment and animals, as well as advocate for a sustainable lifestyle.

Courtney Cryan

Courtney Cryan is a junior at Eckerd College studying Animal Studies with minors in Biology and Leadership. She has always been interested in animals all her life, especially marine mammals. She loves the water and being SCUBA certified has allowed her to further fall in love with the underwater world. She plans on either working in conservation research or as a marine mammal rescue rehabber in the future. She is very excited for this opportunity!

Divine Maduakolam

Divine Maduakolam is a rising Junior at Rutgers University New Brunswick majoring  in Environmental Policy, Institution, and Behaviors (EPIB) and minors in Cultural Anthropology. Divine’s interests are focused on sustainable urban planning specifically in inner city, poor black and brown communities. Having grown up in New Jersey’s inner city like Newark and Irvington, she witnessed firsthand how unsustainable city planning led to food deserts and deteriorating public health. Divine proposes that sustainably planning cities not only helps the residents but it helps surrounding wildlife by preventing and reducing the amount of pollution cities produce. She hopes to protect all of the environment with her work in cities; human, wildlife, and plant species alike.

Emily Maranga

Emily Maranga is currently a junior at the University of Maryland. She is majoring in Environmental Science and Policy and minoring in GIS. She grew up in New York and spent a lot of time in the Catskill Mountains. This sparked her interest in nature and animals from a very young age. Emily also is an activist and actively participates in Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in Washington D.C. She believes that the environment should be our top priority and hopes to educate people on issues regarding the planet.

Grace Lacher

Grace Lacher is a junior at the University of Maryland majoring in Environmental Science and Policy with a minor in General Business. She is from the Philadelphia area, and previously interned at a nearby conservation trust where she worked on their sustainable agricultural farm and local nature preserves. Grace’s love for animals originated twelve years ago when she began riding horses. Throughout high school she rode competitively, regularly traveling to horse shows along the East Coast.

Grace Rogansky

Grace Rogansky is a student at the University of Lynchburg located in Virginia. She is majoring in environmental science, with minors in environmental studies and museum studies. Her love for animals began as a child when she organized fundraisers for a local animal rescue. Her interests include birds, from working at the National Aviary, and environmental education, from working at Fern Hollow Nature Center. Through this internship she hopes to continue educating others about the welfare of animals and the environment. Her future plans include getting her masters degree and becoming a science museum educator.

Jacqueline Sanchez

Jacqueline Sanchez is a Conservation Medicine Master’s student at the Cummings School of Veterinarian Medicine at Tufts University. She has focused her education and experiences on enhancing wildlife rehabilitation and promoting care under the “One Health” approach, a concept that promotes the prevention of risks between humans, animals, and the environment. She is a trained responder in caring for oiled wildlife and is interested in understanding the natural sources which causes oil contamination. Jackie has had direct experiences in working with California’s native wildlife but is excited to expand her interest to wildlife throughout the United States. She is excited to be a part of the Fanimal team and connect with the public as a well to improve animal health.

Naomi Lichtenstein

Naomi Lichtenstein is a rising Junior at the University of Maryland, College Park and is in the environmental science and policy program. Naomi is interested in international environmental justice work and policy as well as wildlife conservation and protection worldwide. She became interested in environmental science work on her gap year in Israel working on a farm, while practicing leadership skills, and learning various agricultural practices and from her studies in biodiversity protection in university. Abroad she saw the importance of sustainable work and the impacts of climate change on wildlife and various populations world wide. She is very excited to learn more about international policies and new outlets towards animal rights advocacy on a global level. 

Natalie Schafer

Natalie Schafer is a rising senior studying Environmental Science and Data Analytics at Stonehill College. Having grown up taking care of a variety of animals; ranging from hamsters and fish to chickens and horses, she absolutely loves animals and is so excited to join Fanimal, Inc.  By combining both her love for animals and strong curiosity for how the world works, Natalie hopes to pursue a career in wildlife conservation. She found her passion for wildlife conservation while taking a marine field science course in Bermuda.  There, she conducted field research on sea turtles and the Bermuda Sea Turtle Project.  She continues her love for environmental research at Stonehill College and wants to expand her education of wildlife conservation and environmental communication. She is ready to start her new adventure with Fanimal, Inc. and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Nicole Ward

Nicole Ward is a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park, studying Environmental Science and Policy, with a concentration in Politics and Policy.  Her love for the environment has led her to be passionate about environmental sustainability, and she is especially interested in wildlife protection and conservation.  Throughout her childhood she has developed a deep love and bond with animals, and she loves volunteering at animal shelters whenever she can.  She hopes in the future to be working to conserve wildlife and protect the natural world from human destruction.

Noah Strand

Noah Strand is a professional dancer from Adamstown, MD. While Noah’s career is grounded in the arts, his lifelong enthusiasm for the environment led him to pursue a degree in Environmental Science and Policy with a minor in Sustainability Studies at the University of Maryland. Noah recalls age five as the first time he felt a strong connection to animals, when his grandmother began taking him on weekly trips to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Today, Noah seeks to help performers use their artistic mediums to advance issues of the environment. He recently appeared in Glacier: a Climate Ballet, choreographed by Diana Moveius, for New York City Climate Week.

Nora Tahbaz

Nora Tahbaz is a sophomore at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and is currently majoring in Environmental Analysis with a focus in policy and minoring in Economics. Nora is interested in Environmental Policy and Environmental Justice Law so she can one day, help the planet, all its animals, and the communities that are suffering the most due to climate change. She enjoys photography, spending time with her three brothers and traveling around the world. Nora also horseback rides competitively and plays volleyball while at school. When she graduates from college, she hopes to pursue a career in law so she can help educate, and advocate for all living creatures and protect their rights to live and thrive in a safe and protected environment.

Olivia Wyatt

Olivia Wyatt is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She is a senior at the University of Montevallo, and is majoring in Environmental Studies. After she finishes her undergraduate degree, she hopes to go to law school to become an Environmental Lawyer. She is passionate about both animals and the environment, and is excited to start working with Fanimal!

Phoebe Alley

Phoebe Alley is a senior at Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. She is currently completing her undergraduate degree as an Environmental Studies major and Religious Studies minor. Phoebe is deeply interested in animal rights theory, wildlife protection, and examining the root issues of why animals continuously suffer in the world. Particularly, Phoebe is passionate about veganism and ending factory farming. She hopes to one day build a more sustainable future where humans can coexist in a mutually beneficial relationship with the creatures we share our home with.