Former Contributors

Thank you to all of our contributors who have helped us provide quality content or other services to forward the mission of Fanimal!!

Clay Barber

Clay Barber has always considered fields, forests, swamps, rivers, sounds, and beaches his playground. He loves activities that connect him to nature, and the animals that share it with us. When he worked as a river guide I was also able to see many wild animals, and had the opportunity to teach other people about them. He is excited to write for Fanimal because it is a platform for the connection to and conservation of animals.

Adriana Ford

Adriana studied Geography and Spanish at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and has an interest in environmental law. She loves to travel, learn about new cultures, and explore new worlds. She has a long time love for animals and a study abroad experience her senior year only increased her knowledge and respect for the natural world and all the animals living within it. She loved working with Fanimal, focusing on animal advocacy and spreading information about animals to a community of people that share her interests.  Adriana was an intern during the summer of 2018.

Hurst Fowler

Hurst Fowler is co-founder of Creature Feature News. Hurst first found his passion for animals when he was gifted an aquarium on his fourteenth birthday. This aquarium then turned into two, then three, until he was forbidden to acquire anymore because his parents told him he was running up the electric bill and having that much water indoors was a liability issue. This interest in animals has since spread beyond fish to include all kinds of animals, with a particular interest in the policies and legislation that affect them and the people that care about them.

Cara Hemby

Cara Hemby is a contributing writer and researcher who is a lover of animals, eating healthy foods, and finding as much time as she can to be outside. She is an Appalachian State University graduate who spent her time in college as a student liaison for Blue Ridge Conservancy and interned with a sustainable tour operator in the Galapagos Islands. After a post graduation adventure in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, she is now back in Western North Carolina pursuing a career in both non-profit management and tourism.

Nathan Hingtgen

Nathan Hingtgen developed a love for animals and nature through spending time fishing and stomping around the woods with his grandfather. He has worked on sustainable tourism projects in North Carolina, Cuba, Panama, and Nicaragua. He can currently be found somewhere on the North Carolina coast looking for waves to surf and sunsets to catch.

Amy Kwiatkowski

Amy Kwiatkowski is a contributing writer and manages the discussion forum for Fanimal, and is an animal enthusiast who tries to live, eat, and act in ways which will do no harm to animals. After graduating from Appalachian State University, Amy consistently volunteered at animal rescues in her free time, most excitingly at a penguin rehabilitation center! During that time, she realized that her calling was to work in the world of animal welfare, which led to her return to Appalachian to pursue an MPA in non-profit management. Upon graduation, she dreams of working in development or management of a wildlife conservation non-profit.

Denise Rose

Denise Rose is a undergraduate student studying at Appalachian State University majoring in Recreation Management and minoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She hopes one day to become a Summer Camp Director at a camp for under privileged kids. She enjoys writing and grew up with a love for animals, so being a writer for Fanimal is her dream come true! In the past, she had the amazing opportunity to work as a Hospital Assistant at a Veterinary Hospital where she learned how to start IV’s, perform X-rays, prepare vaccines and complete blood-work. She loved being around animals everyday and playing a role in their healing process. In her free-time she enjoys hiking, reading, horseback riding, playing with her two dogs, and taking trips to the local humane society. She is looking forward to sharing her thoughts with the friends of Fanimal!

Leah Webster

Leah Webster is a graduate of Appalachian State University where she received her B.S. in Communication Studies with a minor in Hospitality and Tourism. She has worked in several different industries, however, she has recently become interested in the journalism where she can write about her passions like animals. Leah’s love for animals all started when she was given the most adorable yellow lab puppy which she named Sunny. Sunny inspired Leah’s passion for not only dogs, but for all creatures. She loves writing for Fanimal because she is constantly learning about and understanding all different types of animals.