Fifteen Hilarious Animal Instagram Accounts

Alright Fanimals we all love a good laugh, and we all love animals, so why not combine the two into a list of hilariously awesome animal-related Instagram accounts? Whether you’re an Instagram pro or brand new to the platform, here’s 15 great accounts to check out the next time
you’re procrastinating at work!

1. @thebabyanimals
For funny and cute images of bear pups, puppies, smiling baby giraffes, kittens, and other
cuddly creatures, look no further.

2. @bearpaws
A lot of cute, funny bears, as well as goats, kittens, dogs, and even tigers in a hot tub!

3. @digbyvanwinkle
Ever wanted to see how two Griffons from New Zealand dress up for Halloween?

4. @chillwildlife
Cool animals just hangin out around the globe.

5. @wolfgang2242
Our man Steve documents his life living with several rescued dogs and a pig named Bikini. Great captions and stories included.

6. @_wyatts_world_
Get fired up for quite possibly the happiest bearded dragon on Earth!

7. @estherthewonderpig
Originally adopted as a “micro pig,” Esther has grown to more than 600 pounds! She lives on a farm in Canada and can be seen playing with other farm animals while not lounging on her own mattress.

8. @everythingpenguin
Penguins are some of the more underrated comedians of the animal kingdom! Let’s give them a warm reception! (I’ll see myself out.)

9. @koalas.daily
Are koalas more funny than cute or more cute than funny?

10. @chiahuahuastagrams
Funny little critters…

11. @cats_of_instagram
We had to include at least one funny cat account. Approaching 10,000 posts with over 9 million followers, cats_of_instagram is your one stop shop for all feline funny business.

12. @otterism
There may be “otter” accounts to follow, but we like this one the best!

13. @goatsofanarchy
Awesome non-profit in New Jersey that rehabilitates handicapped/abused goats and other animals. A great cause and some great funny posts too!

14. @animals.clips
Just a huge variety of hilarious animal videos from pets, farms, zoos, and out in nature. This one can suck you in so be careful!

15. @avianrecon
Sometimes funny, always interesting, avianrecon documents birds of prey (and their facial expressions) at a nature center in Florida.

Alright Fanimals that about wraps up our list. There’s hundreds of great animal-related
Instagram accounts out there so give these a follow and see what else pops up!