Fanimal High School Fellowship

Kate Harrison


Fanimal’s High School Fellowship will be a two-week course that allows High Schoolers to explore animal related careers and acquire professional skills by completing workshops and projects. Fellows are expected to contribute 20 hours a week over 2 weeks, for a total of 40 hours. Three 3-hour sessions a week will be completed synchronously on zoom, and the additional hours will be spent doing readings and working on personal projects. A personal project must be completed before the fellowship is completed, and the project may be in development over the 2 week period.  Every fellow will meet with a Fanimal mentor and have the contact and support of other fellows throughout the program. 


  1. Fellows will have researched and written a blog post about an animal topic of their choosing. 
  2. Fellows will design an infographic about an animal topic. 
  3. Fellows will develop a personal project to be planned by the end of the Fellowship.
    • Career Interview
    • Grant Proposal
    • If Fellow has a different idea already formed
  4. Upon completion of the Fellowship
    • Fellows will receive a certificate of completion 
    • A future letter of recommendation may be available upon request
    • Fellows will have gained the below learning objectives.

Learning objectives 

Firsthand experience with a non-profit 

Fellows will develop their understanding of the inner workings of a nonprofit by hearing from different facets of the organization. Fellows will hear from researchers around the world and participate in projects to gain experience working in a nonprofit setting. 

Networking and professional communication skills 

Fellows will participate in a workshop about networking and how to communicate in a professional setting, which will assist with future career opportunities. By the end of the session, fellows should be comfortable with a list of conversation starters. Fellows will get practice writing professional emails to other people in the organization and outside parties throughout the completion of the personal project. 

Animal and environmental issues 

Fellows will hear from frontline speakers about pressing animal and environmental issues that aren’t going away. They will complete readings and do research for a blog post to further investigate an issue. 

Knowledge about animal careers 

Fellows will explore Fanimal resources such as Career Interviews, Animal Ace talks and Job Profiles to learn more about working in animal related careers. If fellows choose a Career Interview as a personal project, they will be able to learn about the career path of the person they choose to interview. Fellows will also learn to differentiate between working in the nonprofit, private or public sector. 

Saying Yes, Balance, and Burnout 

At the last session, fellows will explore balancing work without “burning out,” and how to know when it’s right to say yes or take a step back.  

To apply to the Fanimal Fellowship Program, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]