Fanimal Fellows

Fanimal Fellows are a part of our Learn, Earn, & Return program where early and mid-career individuals explore animal-focused jobs.  If you’d like to learn more about animal-related careers, feel free to reach out!

Evita Apalaki

Evita Apalaki graduated from the Biology Department of the University of Crete in Greece and, currently, she is enrolled in the Forensic Genetics Master program in Uppsala University. Her little dog, Juliette, taught her how the interaction of children with animals in combination with the responsibilities that need to be taken in consideration can profit their personality and psychological health. Her later studies in biology opened a new window to what animals mean for the world and the ecosystems, but also how they contribute to science and health for human profits.

Sophia Binz

Sophia is an animal enthusiast and particularly obsessed with cats. Her engagement in animal protection started with her choice to stop consuming meat and most animal products when she was 16 and has evolved to become part of her academic and career interest. Sophia studies Sustainable Development as a Master at Uppsala University in Sweden and is currently doing an internship in the international climate politics field. For her work with Fanimal, she hopes to be able to connect her passion for environmental protection and love for animals and to help spread awareness of both topics.

Olivia Bowser

Olivia Bowser is currently seeking her Bachelor’s degree in Production Design with a concentration in Themed Entertainment from Savannah College of Art and Design while also obtaining certificates in Business and Structural Engineering. Living in Savannah, Georgia with her two cats, Honey and Jeff, Olivia has grown to appreciate coastal environments and the diverse wildlife that inhabits it. Her favorite animal is the Honeybee because of their dedication and work ethic! While studying Themed Entertainment, Olivia has realized that there is an opportunity to use the creation of immersive environments as a way to educate people of all ages of their co-inhabitants on this planet. Olivia is excited for the opportunity to explore this creative outlet with her amazing Fanimal Fellows!

Camille Cabrolier

Camille did her Bachelor’s in Biology and Biochemistry, and now is a Master student in Molecular Medicine. Moving around many different places all along her life, she has gotten to know about many different animals and environments. Since her youngest age she has been in contact with animals and as she grew up, she realized that not everyone shared the same love and concern for animals that she has and therefore decided to try to help in any possible way. Now that she has landed in Uppsala, Sweden, and after meeting some amazing people that led her to Fanimal, she is more determined than ever to help protect wildlife and is really excited to restart her work for the Learn, Earn and Return Program.

Linnea Heid

Linnea Heid is an arts student in Raleigh, North Carolina, hoping to pursue a career that can incorporate both the arts and her love for animals. She has has an affinity for both wildlife and domestic animals since a very young age, when she had contact with animals during trips to Asia and South America. Growing up with her cat, Wesley, she developed an understanding of the ways that educating the community about animals can be beneficial, especially through the arts. She is excited to be a part of a community that loves animals as much as she does!

Sofia Kastrinou

Sofia Kastrinou finished her bachelor studies in Molecular Biology and Genetics at Democritus University of Thrace in Greece and she is now doing her master in Forensic science at Uppsala University of Sweden. Watching animals suffer and even being tortured on the altar of science, and in every other aspect of life, made her want to take action. It was difficult for her to think that when people look at the animals they can think something different than hug and pet them. Fanimal’s Learn Earn and Return Program gave her a great opportunity to share her feelings with other animal lovers and be part of a community that contribute to animals’ protection.

Carly Stines

Carly is currently studying Environmental Sciences at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She hopes to use her environmental knowledge as well as her minors in Yoga Studies and Professional Writing to spread love and a sense of connection with all living beings. Growing up traipsing around in the woods barefoot with her dogs, bringing home all sorts of critters, allowed her to fall in love with animals and the environment. This blossomed into a passion for animal advocacy and spreading awareness for the beautiful creatures that can’t always speak for themselves. She hopes to spread this passion to others through writing and taking action for the rest of her life! You can frequently find her at the beach (picking up trash), hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Nora Tahbaz

Nora Tahbaz is a sophomore at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and is currently majoring in Environmental Analysis with a focus in policy and minoring in Economics. Nora is interested in Environmental Policy and Environmental Justice Law so she can one day, help the planet, all its animals, and the communities that are suffering the most due to climate change. She enjoys photography, spending time with her three brothers and traveling around the world. Nora also horseback rides competitively and plays volleyball while at school. When she graduates from college, she hopes to pursue a career in law so she can help educate, and advocate for all living creatures and protect their rights to live and thrive in a safe and protected environment.

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