Fanimal Fellows

Fanimal Fellows are a part of our Learn, Earn, & Return program where early and mid-career individuals explore animal-focused jobs.  If you’d like to learn more about animal-related careers, feel free to reach out!

Evita Apalaki

Evita Apalaki graduated from the Biology Department of the University of Crete in Greece and, currently, she is enrolled in the Forensic Genetics Master program in Uppsala University. Her little dog, Juliette, taught her how the interaction of children with animals in combination with the responsibilities that need to be taken in consideration can profit their personality and psychological health. Her later studies in biology opened a new window to what animals mean for the world and the ecosystems, but also how they contribute to science and health for human profits.

Paola Apestegui

Paola Apestegui is currently undertaking her master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University in Sweden. Being born and bred in Costa Rica, an internationally recognized forefront in the area of environmental preservation, she has always assimilated the topic of sustainable development as a crucial part of her life and culture. Throughout her life, she has been able to interact with very different kinds of animals, from different settings. This gave her an opportunity to develop an interest and overall love for animals from a very early age. As a means of raising awareness, she has been involved as a volunteer in several programs, ranging from patrolling beaches to protect turtles from poachers, to developing community gardens. She is looking forward to returning to Costa Rica and further applying her knowledge to better protect animals.

Camille Cabrolier

Camille did her Bachelor’s in Biology and Biochemistry, and now is a Master student in Molecular Medicine. Moving around many different places all along her life, she has gotten to know about many different animals and environments. Since her youngest age she has been in contact with animals and as she grew up, she realized that not everyone shared the same love and concern for animals that she has and therefore decided to try to help in any possible way. Now that she has landed in Uppsala, Sweden, and after meeting some amazing people hat led her to Fanimal, she is more determined than ever to help protect wildlife and is really excited to begin his work for the Learn, Earn and Return Program.

Adélaïde Fouache

Adélaïde Fouache is a French student in her last year of Masters degree in Environmental Communication at the Swedish University of Agriculture in  Sweden. She has lived in both Japan and New Zealand and saw a lot of differences in animal welfare. As time went by, she became more interested in how the animal welfare was communicated to tourists in touristic places she visited. She realizes that today more than ever, people start to listen and act to protect endangered species, or animals in captivity, and she wants to help spread the word in the hope for a better human- non human animals relationship in the future.

Linnea Heid

Linnea Heid is an arts student in Raleigh, North Carolina, hoping to purse a career that can incorporate both the arts and her love for animals. She has has an affinity for both wildlife and domestic animals since a very young age, when she had contact with animals during trips to Asia and South America. Growing up with her cat, Wesley, she developed an understanding of the ways that educating the community about animals can be beneficial, especially through the arts. She is excited to be a part of a community that loves animals as much as she does!

Emily Smith

Emily Smith is a senior at Appalachian State University with a major in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Her love for animals started from a young age with the compassion she has for dogs. Animals bring her happiness like no other and she hopes to be able to give that joy and love back to them.

Sanne Welin

Sanne has known from a young age that she wanted to work with animals. She started off by training to work as a zookeeper, which she did both in her home country Sweden and as a volunteer in Namibia and South Africa. The month abroad inspired her to deepen her knowledge about conservation and she is currently in her final year of her MSc specialising in Ecology and Conservation. Sanne also works part time as an instructor at a high school specialising in training students to work in animal related professions. In the future she hopes to combine teaching with her love for animal and nature to inspire people to take care of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Fynn van Westen

Fynn van Westen is a computer science student and contributing to the Fanimal project by written work. He has grown up with animals around and inevitably got to experience their truthful and loyal nature. That’s why even though his field of studies isn’t related to animals, he has a personal drive interest in the topic. He is looking forward to contribute to animal welfare and share the beautiful experiences with animals he encountered. In his free time Fynn enjoys hiking, doing sports, and discovering new places, activities and relations.

Berta Garrido Zabala

Berta Garrido Zabala is a Molecular Medicine Master student in Uppsala Universitet, Sweden. After finishing her bachelor in Biological Sciences in Madrid she packed her bags and went to her next adventure a little bit more up north. She has been raised surrounded by rescued animals that taught her what true love really is. Growing up with the amazing company of horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds… and even a giant African turtle was when she realized she will always want to know more about animals! Her dream is to be able to help big cats and elephants. Berta is an outdoors lover that enjoys hiking in the nature and practicing sports.