DIY Cat Toys!

Anyone with feline friends knows they can be adventurous in their pursuit of fun around the home. Their playful nature is evident when you get a package delivered or leave a grocery bag out after shopping, they like to explore and play with it.Cat toys promote exercise and mental stimulation; cats can burn a lot of energy with their toys. Cardboard is a canvas of ideas for cat toys, from toilet paper rolls to large cardboard cat houses, there are lots of options for our unused paper products. Keep in mind that some items in cat toys can be dangerous such as Yarn, ribbon, string, and rubber bands. These all could be ingested or caught in a cat’s paws. Below are some affordable cat toys that can be made using items already in your home.

Reusing a simple toilet paper tube has many different uses for cats. A “sunshine toy” is a really popular and easy to make one. On each end of a cardboard tube, cut frayed edges and fold them down, making a sun on each side. Other creative cat toys with cardboard tubes include gluing pom poms or feathers to them, turning them into treat dispensers by securing a treat inside, folding the outside, and decorating it with stickers or other items. You can even make a ball out of these by cutting evenly dispersed rings and combine them to form a fun toy – add some treats or noise makers for added excitement.

T-shirt Tent
For a cat that loves nesting and hiding, a t-shirt cat tent may be a perfect DIY toy. Take old wire clothes hangers, make them into a tent shape, and then stretch the t-shirt around the structure making the neck hole the entrance for your cat. Make sure the ends of the wire hangers are not protruding such that they could injure a paw or eye; if you have pliers you could use them to make a small fold on the two ends of the hanger. Paper bags are also a safe nesting spot, they love lying in them as well as batting them around.

Sock Toys
Socks and parts of an old pillow case are great materialsr. You can stuff them with catnip or silver vine, an alternative to catnip, tie up the loose end, and add decorations if you wish.. If you’ve got a sewing machine handy, you can easily create all sorts of catnip stuffed items like mice-shaped pillows.

Tupperware to the Rescue!
Old tupperware containers can also be reused as cat toys – cut a few paw sized holes in the lid, fill the container with bells, balls, or anything you can find that your cat would be interested in, and watch your cat ferociously try to get the items.

All of these toys are convenient to make and  sure to get a feline active and engaged. Rotating toys is a great way to keep them fresh and interesting for your cat. Offer a variety, toys for cuddling, playing, and “hunting” are stimulating in different ways. We also suggest hiding some of these toys, as cats love finding a new toy versus having it put right in front of them. Have you made any of these toys or developed your own? Let other Fanimals know!

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