Fanimal's #VetMedMonth

A way to give back and recognize the hard work of people in Veterinary Medicine professions.

Valuing Vets

Fanimal is excited to announce #VetMedMonth! A month full of initiatives to highlight the hard work of people in veterinary medicine professions. We want to connect with you and your favorite veterinary practice by showing your appreciation through gifts and recognition – throughout the entire month of October & November.

We’re doing this by

Offering custom-designed #VetMedMonth products to give to your favorite veterinarian, vet tech, or animal medical professional or practice.

Recognizing our first-ever Fanimal #VetMedMonth awards to community-nominated vet practices and people.

Collaborating on mini-contests during the month for vet practices to participate in and win some Fanimal swag and prizes!

Join #VetMedMonth now!

Post about your appreciation for vets during Oct/Nov with the hashtag #VedMedMonth and #BeAFanimal!