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Learn, Earn, and Return Program

We believe animals’ well-being depends both on what we do today as well as the future which is why the next generation of animal advocates is our top priority!  The Learn, Earn and Return (LER) program is a 12-week fellowship that gives early- and mid-career animal advocates a paid opportunity to explore animal-based careers, increase their knowledge about animal issues, and network with professionals in the field. Now, approaching our fourth cycle of the program, we’re so happy to have an international appeal, having welcomed 13 different fellows from 7 different countries so far.

Junior Fanimal

Junior Fanimal is an online badge program to encourage young animal lovers ages 8-12 to create a lifelong respect and love for animals. Badges are earned by completing animal-related activities listed on a bingo-type of board; activities are divided into advocacy, volunteer, donation, art/creative, active/physical, educational, and vocational categories. Kids get to choose which different animal groups they’d like to focus on: small mammals, large mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and/or invertebrates.  This fall, Junior Fanimal will be working with teachers and school kids directly via Zoom!  In addition, we are recording videos so that kids can have an on demand Junior Fanimal experience….all while earning badges and prizes!

Animal Aces, Career Interviews & Other Online Content

Fanimal serves as a hub of online articles, videos, recipes, and more to raise awareness and inform you about animal issues and ways we can take action. Our animal experts, or as we call them, Animal Aces, break down a variety of issues and information surrounding animals. Experts share their particular animal knowledge in an easily digestible format. For instance, within the Animals and Tourism Video Series there are informational videos about Swimming Swine and Walking with Lions along with numerous more fascinating topics. Additionally, Fanimal has another video series called Career Interviews, which feature a professional in an animal related career. Our articles, blogs cover a variety of animal-related information that celebrates how great animals are and also analyzes animal-related issues. Our plant-based recipe library features fun and tasty recipes to inspire a plant-based diet.

By providing a diverse bank of information on the many issues that face animals, we can grow closer to ensuring animal welfare everywhere.