Funnymal - Stand-Up for Animals

Funnymal – Stand-Up for Animals is a year-long comedy contest that will highlight the funniest animal sketches, skits, and bits.  Monthly cash prizes will be awarded by our judges.  Read below for submission details.


In this time of sheltering in place we think laughter (after actual evidence based science, real medicine and social distancing) is the best medicine. We want YOU and your funny friends to help us spread joy. Send in your funniest animal sketch, skit, or bit!  Content can be about animals, animal advocacy, or plant-based eating. Each month, from July 2020 to June 2021, the funniest submissions will be shared on our social networks and our monthly favorite will win $100 USD, second place will win $50 USD! This is open to anyone (over 18) around the world, professional funny people, amateurs, groups, individuals, troupes and anyone we didn’t mention. Send us your funny, we will share it to keep the world laughing. We are all in this together so let’s all laugh together (apart). 

Each month’s first and second prize winners will be entered into a people’s choice grand prize contest at the end of the contest (June 2021). That’s right, this is a year long contest so if you think of another MORE HILARIOUS bit in a few months, go ahead and enter again. You can enter as many months as you want- just one entry a month. 

Entering the Funnymal contest is easy. Upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube then send it in to us through our Google form below. In order to win you need to be funny and we need your name, contact information, the signed the media release form (see below), and the $5 submission fee which helps our non-profit to achieve its misson. 

Good luck, stay safe, and make us laugh!


1)  Download and sign the Media Release Form below.  You will upload this media release through the entry submission form.   If you are submitting under the same name or group as a previous month, you do not have to fill out a new media release form but you must still submit a media release form with your entry.

2)  Click below to pay the $5 contest entry fee (tax deductible contribution to Fanimal).  You will upload the receipt (PDF or Document) through the entry submission form as proof of entry fee payment.

3)  Submit your video, media release form, entry fee proof of payment, and other info using the below “Entry Submission” form.

Terms and conditions are subject to change. 
Open to anyone in the world, over 18, must sign your own media release. 
Fanimal is an inclusive and edifying organization. We will not tolerate any hate speech against  or about any humans. This includes but is not limited to People of Colour, LGBTQ+, marginalized individuals, people with disabilities, BME People, and people who believe things differently than you do. 
Contests run for 4 weeks starting on the 1st of the month. Winners will be chosen by the Fanimal Humor committee on the 28th of every month. Announcements will be made on social media and winners will be emailed.
Your video has to be accompanied by this media release form.
Google form will include: Name of individuals (and group if applicable), email address, social tags, place to upload your media released form, link for your youtube, vimeo or google folder.
Fanimal has a board of hilarious judges that will watch all the videos and choose who reigns supremely funny every month. 
Upload your video and share the link on the google doc. include your name, email and anyway you would like fans to find you! When we post videos we will tag you on social. 
Your joke is your joke, we aren’t going to steal it from you. BUT your video will be Fanimal’s to keep and to share with our followers, for this contest and future Fanimal marketing. 
Animal abuse and cruelty jokes will get you banned. Animal abuse videos will get you reported to the police. 
No jokes about how vegans get their protein. It’s not funny, we are looking for funny. 
We are all about some edgy comedy but if it is too raw, we may not choose to share your work on the web and social media. If you absolutely need to earn your explicit E, do warn us in your application, we will consider a Fanimal After Dark award.