Aquatic Animals

Aquatic animals are fish, shellfish, turtles, rays, coral, molluscs, octopus and squid- in short, animals that live in water!  Some animals split their time between land and water (such as frogs…or seals…) but here we will be focusing on animals that are aqua-dwellers full time.

Did You Know?

Over 17,000 species thrive in the deep sea where no light penetrates?  Platypuses can detect the depth of their prey using receptors in their bill!  And if you see any mantis shrimp on your next trip to the beach, don’t make them mad.  They can “punch” with their forelimb at the same velocity of gunshot from a rifle.


In addition to fun facts, this section will address some of the new aquatic animals that are being discovered all the time, alert you to invasive aquatic species, how our plastic affects life in the sea, explain the Census of Marine Life, and offer reasons as to why you probably shouldn’t engage in shark cage diving.